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Wants to sell your land, business, or rental property but are concerned about income tax consequences on the sale?

Determining how and when to sell a highly appreciated asset can be a challenging decision to make.

Typical Concerns
  • How much current tax will I pay?
  • How do I replenish cash flow?
  • Do I consider a 1031 exchange?
  • Where do I invest the proceeds?

A Structured Sale May Be Your Answer

With a structured sale, you can achieve the following:
Tax deferral with Safety
Installment sale tax treatment of income
without risk of buyer default

Flexible Cash Flow
Combination of lump sums and streams of
income are tailored to meet sellers needs

Guaranteed Payments
All future payments are guaranteed and
are not subject to stock market fluctuations

Payments are made and backed by
U.S. Treasuries